Art’s Desire (Creative Lives and Pastimes in Bolton)

Art’s Desire focused on arts and culture in our town – the creative lives and pastimes of individuals and organisations, both professional and amateur – across a wide range of artforms, including music, dance, theatre, the visual arts, and many more.

Appalachian dancing, African drumming, music festivals, church bell-ringing, comic superhero conventions, theatre performances, quilting and embroidery groups, painting workshops, (even decorative cake-making with the Clandestine Cake Club).

The exhibition served to highlight the rich range of creative activities in Bolton, and the many crafts and skills, artistic practices and passions, these pursuits inspire.

This page contains a selection of images from our 2015-16 exhibition, at St George’s Gallery, which was funded by BOLTON ARTS FORUM.

Poster kindly provided by Emma Kelly