Meet the Team

In its 25 years of existence, BOLTON DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY has had many members.  Some have moved on to other parts of Britain or overseas, some sadly have died.  But all our members, past and present, have shared the same keen commitment to picturing life in Bolton. Among our current members are …..

Ray Jefferson


A local author and life long photographer who believes photography should be valued according to the contribution it makes to society.

Sarah Christian


The group’s treasurer and a photographer who enjoys social documentary photography and photographing live music.

Adrian Mottram


A keen theatre and cricket photographer, and loves the challenge of street and documentary photography.

Mike Williamson


A landscape photographer and retired architect interested particularly in Bolton’s heritage, and in documenting the future use of the town’s historic buildings and changing urban landscape.

Paul Longden


As a photographer, I look beyond the usual field of vision, street and documentary show much of life’s variations and oddities

Jeff Layer


Been a photographer for over 50 years and still enjoying the thrill of capturing the moment.

Julia Uttley


An avid fell-walker and photographer with a passionate interest in Bolton’s rich social history, especially the role of our local moors whether it’s past, present or future.

Catherine Conroy


A budding photographer interested in nature, landscape and theatre photography. Loves the way the camera can see things that the naked eye cannot see and capture a moment in time.

Mark Aspinall


I have used everything from home made pin-hole cameras to through to 100 year old large format plate cameras, alongside the latest digital SLR cameras. Every camera can make a picture, every picture can tell a story.

Henry Lisowski


I have enjoyed photography for the past forty years, both film and now digital. I love the countryside and documenting the places events and its people.