Covid-19 Lockdown

These days in the UK, and specifically those since the 23rd March 2020, a seemingly simple word, lockdown, has accelerated into our vocabulary and consciousness. It now means a myriad of things to us – whether it means getting used to desolate town centres, restrictions on travel and movement or whether it refers to our feelings and reactions to this massive societal change, it’s clear it’s not going to fade from our lives for a while. 

Locked bollards preventing vehicle access to Corporation Street

It’s also a time to record how the measures imposed as a result this unprecedented world-wide pandemic are affecting our lives in Bolton. 

Changes to Bolton during Lockdown 

Mindful of extensive rules in the early stages of lockdown, some BDP photographers ventured out into Bolton’s town centre to see the impact of the changes on shops and businesses, while others took permitted daily exercise more locally. Here are some images from these urban lockdown excursions undertaken by the BDP team.  

Reflections on nature and isolation

For many of us, lockdown has brought a welcome opportunity to slow down the pace of our lives, giving us time for reflection. For others, it’s given us an opportunity to reconnect with nature and appreciate the countryside and local green spaces in and around Bolton. Equally, it’s no doubt brought a sense of isolation to everyone’s daily lives by significantly reducing the amount of social contact we’re normally used to.  These factors of Lockdown have nonetheless been a source of inspiration for BDP photographers and here’s a selection of our images.