Octagon Rebuilding

In August 2018 work got underway on a major refurbishment of the Octagon Theatre.  Bolton Documentary Photography was commissioned to produce a visual record of this rebuilding project, the aim being to create a comprehensive record from start to finish, culminating in the reopening of the theatre in late autumn 2020 (a launch-date subsequently delayed due to the covid pandemic).

Our photography charts the entire refurbishment project, beginning with the partial demolition of the theatre, through to the final fitting-out and return of the building back to full theatrical usage.  This documentary record encompasses the construction of the foundations, new steel framework, air conditioning equipment, work on the auditorium, as well as many panoramic views behind the scenes.

The project was funded by the Octagon Theatre.

The Project Team at the outset – Roddy Gould third from right and Elizabeth Newman second from left.

The photographs below are a small selection from our project.